How to buy air conditioning filters and refrigerants
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Car owner to air conditioning system self - maintenance, how to choose appropriate accessories for air conditioning maintenance will encounter many problems. As most car owners are not familiar with the vehicles, the following is how to buy these accessories:
1. How to choose air conditioning filter?
Air conditioning filter: the high quality original factory brand long-acting air conditioning filter compared with the general bad quality of the auxiliary factory air conditioning filter, in the service life and impurity filtration efficiency, far better than one. Higher impurity filtration efficiency and longer maintenance cycle can be guaranteed.
2. How to choose cold media?
Refrigerant: pure brand name R134a environmental protection refrigerant, can guarantee 2-3 years of service life. At present, the quality of cold media on the market is mixed, CCTV "weekly quality report" has been exposed, automobile air conditioning refrigerant testing rate less than 10%. The use of fake refrigerant can be refrigerated within a short period of time, but long-term use, light will produce the refrigerant leakage, resulting in poor cooling effect of the automobile air conditioning, serious will lead to the air conditioning compressor tension, the owner will pay thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan for maintenance. So when buying refrigerant, must pay attention to choosing high-quality brand pure refrigerant. Buy air conditioner filter, refrigerant and air conditioning cleaning agent must pay attention to the quality of products, high quality air conditioning filter, refrigerant and air conditioning cleaning agent can have very good protection effect of air conditioning, improve air conditioning refrigeration effect, kill the fungi and bacteria in air conditioning, eliminate peculiar smell, the restoration of in-car air pure and fresh, but inferior air-conditioning filter, refrigerant and air conditioning cleaning agent not only cannot achieve the above effect, it will damage the air conditioning system components, reduce the service life of air conditioning, also will affect the human health. Since there are a lot of fake and inferior products in the market, if you want to buy products of the same quality as the 4S shop or accessories that are higher than the standard of the 4S shop, you must choose those that have the authorization of the brand or have the qualification (including online professional auto parts sellers).